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Would You Like to Know the Dental Marketing Secret Formula That Enables You to Experience Dramatically Increased Dental Practice Growth?
This powerfully effective formula is much simpler than you might expect!
Take a Look Here: On Target! Dental Marketing = Dental Practice Growth!
  If you’re actively seeking powerfully effective solutions to grow your dental practice, you’ve come to the      right place. Welcome to Target Dental Marketing Consultants — The Dental Practice Growth Experts!

  We deliver affordably innovative, on target! dental marketing solutions, which are ready to go, right “out of     the box”! The core of our business is to help dentists achieve profitable dental practice growth.

We do this in 3 ways:
  1. We help you to uncover the most profitable targets to spend your valuable marketing dollars on.
  2. We craft marketing strategy action plans with core messages that make your practice unique and memorable.
  3. We help you to consolidate all of your marketing communications and branding messages to more effectively convey who you are, what you do and why your ideal patients should choose your dental practice.
Stand out in a crowded marketplace! Let Target Dental Marketing Consultants partner with you to create a business-building marketing system that will help you to:
  • Define and target your ideal patient!
  • Develop dental service packages that increase sales and profitability!
  • Create a niche branding strategy which makes you truly unique and memorable!
 If You Need More Patients Now, Then Please Read Every Word!

 Are you overworked and riddled with the stress and anxiety of finding new ways to get and keep more  patients? Stop wasting your precious time and money marketing to patients that just arent a good fit for  your dental practice.
If youre like most dentists, on target! dental marketing may be a new concept. Likely, youve spent the bulk of your professional career keeping abreast of the latest and greatest technological advances in dentistry, while at the same time endeavoring to stay ahead of the pack through continuing education.

Although all of these things are essential to providing quality patient care, unfortunately very little of these efforts directly translate into dental practice growth. You see, patients have the expectation that you will provide quality care, so you dont score points with them for meeting these expectations. However, you do score their repeated business, if you can effectively communicate that your dental practice understands and specializes in treating their unique problem.
Communicating your remarkable difference to a carefully selected target is vitally important to building a successful dental business.
That’s why

On Target! Dental Marketing Leads to Dental Practice Growth!

On target! dental marketing works for one very simple reason it causes you to aim all of your efforts, attention and monetary resources at one attainable target, your ideal patient. Its very much like playing a game of darts. The object of the game is to hit the bulls-eye (your ideal target) with as many of your darts (your core marketing message) as possible. Do this successfully with our unique system, and you win consistent and sustainable dental practice growth.

Put our expertise to work and let us show you how to:

Achieve a steady inflow of new patients on autopilot
Explore, expand and conquer virtually untouched markets
Secure, retain and grow sales to existing patients
Target Dental Marketing Consultants can help you make your marketing dollars work smarter. If you’d like to learn key strategies for maximizing dental practice growth, check out our dental marketing services, or take a test drive first by taking full advantage of our “Get Acquainted” offer.
A Free Gift for You…

As a special “Get Acquainted” offer, we’re giving away a free Marketing Health Check, valued at $99. This uniquely customized professional marketing evaluation will help you to assess the effectiveness of your current marketing, as well as identifying areas for improvement. This invaluable report is our way of saying thank you for the opportunity to earn your confidence and trust. Get to know us and the value we deliver. Click here to accept your free dental marketing evaluation.

Target Your Success!
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